Thursday, December 29, 2011

We live in a multi-cultural society. Deal with it!

The fact that in 2012 this still has to be written about really bothers me.  Why is it that we have to still search for characters for our children to see and relate to that have melanin in them?  These books are beautiful, but it brings up the point of why is it that so many people STILL have to look high and low for the same type of image? My cousin's wife, who is white, is always looking for books that show off her world view.  One of the most beautiful books she has is a book about mothers and children in primarily third world countries.  It's gorgeous and wonderful to look at.  She lived for many years in Africa and is actually one of the few white people that actually does have many friends of different ethnicities, not just the required one melanin-infused friend.  The blogger who posted this is Vietnamese and like she says, looking for things that represent her daughter, while trying to explain to the wider public that her bi-racial children are actually hers, and she's not the nanny…for real!

I think we need to get off of the default setting for "girl" or boy" being pink skinned.  I think that people need to take responsibility for creating things from their own cultural perspective that can be enjoyed by all.  I think that I have a lot of other, more important things to do than to search hours and days, literally, for something for my kids to watch and read that balances out what the media presents to them so they feel like they are beautiful too.

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