Sunday, June 24, 2012

My own Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants...

In the mornings, to get my head on straight, I garden. It's spiritual renewal. It engages all senses. In the moving stillness of the morning, full of communicating birds and the rising sun, I put my hands in the soil. I find inspiration in the physicality of it. I revel in the beauty of what I'm creating. My mind wrestles with a proper placement of plants that is both aesthetically pleasant and healthful to the plant. You get in touch with your ancestors, my immediate ones were farmers as were my ancient ones. I am connected to the whole, the spirit, humanity as planetary nurturer. Stevie Wonder's 1979 album Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants is one of my absolute favorites. Come Back as a Flower embodies the meditative spirit that I receive through gardening many mornings. My version features the great poet/performer Urusula Rucker, take a quick listen:


...And please be sure to pick up my new album, "Mommy, What's A Depression?" when it's released here in the US and elsewhere in the world this upcoming Tuesday, June 26th!! The record is already out in Japan, so if you're in that part of the world you can go out and buy it NOW!! :)


  1. I'm glad you're looking for more. There will be more soon. You just gotta be patient. :)