Friday, December 30, 2011

America Votes For The Braxtons

I love Fareed Zakaria.  And he brings up that we are not the only ones in the world that are having elections that will change the outcome of how the world will inter rest with each other.  I think that this fact is why I get so frustrated with a certain sector of the american public: they have never been anywhere, and frankly don't care. They don't see, or have a very skewed perspective on, other countries interests.  We have been an economic power for so long, and frankly are such a big country, many don't take the time to keep up with the political happenings of the broader world. Our political process is fascinating during an election year but after that, for too many folks it's back to mindless entertainment like my personal favorite show that has candy-like nutritional value, The Braxtons. Will Toni do the next Braxton record? Will Towanda get a great part in a soap and divorce her husband? Will the Tamar get hit in the mouth after she says another mean, but truthful, statement about what one of her sisters are doing? This is what america really wants to know.

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