Monday, December 26, 2011

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means, PT 2....

I'm sitting at the breakfast table in South Carolina.  Sitting on the table just happens to be a catalog called "The Lightterside" full of gag gifts.  Kind of like Miles Kimball; inexpensive gifts and household things you see in any house of a grandparent-type person.  We're having the standard breakfast of grits, eggs, smoked sausage and bacon (standard southern morning meat-fest). 

On the front is this picture:
Obama Plush Toy Which Farts
Now, OK, I understand satire about political figures is out there.  I understand that people make fun of the president.  That's all well and good. But REALLY?! The president farts?! Then talks about the healthcare bill?! Usually satire is based off some semblance of  the public image of the president: partier (Bush 2), over-confident-womanizer (clinton), un-connected to the masses (Bush 1) forgetful-father-figure (Reagan).  The list goes on, but Obama --- farting?!  Remember the Hillary Clinton nut-cracker? Though disrespectful, at least it was based off of public perception of her being a really tough woman.  

This is really over the top.  The countdown calendar to Obama getting out of office is not that bad nor even the Obummer t-shirt.  But the vitriol of a certain sect of theAmerican public towards the first family is really over the top. Obama was a law professor, specializing in the constitution. At the bottom of the description it says,"All in good fun of course--we respect the office of the president."  Uh huh..yea…sure you do...

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