Friday, December 30, 2011

No Vacation Zone: Hawaii???!

“Take nothing for granted,” Christie said. “Elections are decided by the people who show up, by the people who vote, by the people who care about their country enough to be out here on Friday Morning in Iowa, in the rain, in the cold, because you love your country and because you believe this man can help lead this country back to greatness.”
“We are out in the cold and wind because we care about America,” Romney said before slipping in a jab at the president, telling the crowd that Obama has just “finished his 90th round of golf” on his Hawaiian vacation.
Ok, so the president can't take a vacation in his HOME STATE, where his family is located?  Is Hawaii not a state?! I thought it was an all-american pastime to hang on the beach whenever you can? Just because you all are cold, doesn't mean he's lazy because he's home for the holiday season.  My family goes to Myrtle Beach for Christmas because my mom's family farmed there.  I guess we're all just slackers…

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