Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Family values" are found in individuals, not political parties

Was thinking about the upcoming republican iowa caucuses and thinking about marriage and relationships and why the republican party makes me a little mad.  Not because of their beliefs or philosophies but because they wear their philosophies like they themselves invented values.  In this article  at these two people were married for 69 YEARS! Newt Gingrich, and other republicans want people to vote for them based off of family values of fidelity.  "I have made mistakes," Gingrich says (paraphrased) "And I'm on the right path now." Sure you are.  

If you want me to use fidelity as a character trait upon which to vote for you, If I was republican, someone else other than Newt Gingrich would have to get the pleasure of my vote.  But, really, if I was a republican voting on fidelity as a character trait, I'd have to vote for the current president because I've seen this marriage up close; at least as close as the public eye can get. 

Having said all that….

As I was discussing with my family over Christmas, there is a special place in hell for those who cheat on their wives when they are sick and possibly/probably dying.  You may not be able to fight feelings that happen, but if you are an adult, you sure can control your actions.  Marriage is hard.  Really hard.  Divorce is not a dirty word, but when you cheat, at least do it when your wife ain't dying of cancer. That's cold and a no-no found on page one of the respect-for-your wife handbook.

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