Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pundits or children...You decide

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Saw this while I was making pancakes in the morning for my kids.  Actually, it sounded just like my kids: 

"I worry about the mad proliferation of cameras through our lives. I don't want to make safety….trump personal liberty!" - George Will
"Here is where the right wing republicans want big government.  They are the ones who want to regulate personal choices…George I assume you want to join with me an Ron Paul in removing the criminal penalties on the use of Marijuana. - Barney Frank


"I'm making pancakes."  - Mommy
"I want bacon." - Kissiah
"We're not having bacon, but I have turkey sausage."  - Mommy
"I don't want turkey sausage, I want bacon." - Kissiah
"Too much fat, but I may have some turkey bacon." - Mommy 
"I don't like turkey bacon, I like pig bacon!" - Kissiah 

"Rather than trying to bring the people on the top down to the bottom, we should focus on bringing people from the bottom to the top..." - Paul Ryan


"Can't you put some chocolate chips in those pancakes?!" - Kissiah 

 "This is an example or where [republicans and democrats] are actually not on polar opposites… I  happen to believe that we should cap the size of banks…but when you look underneath there is a lot we have in common." (Loud noises of disbelief from rest of panelists) - Robert Reich


"Can't I watch TV WHILE I eat my breakfast? I have been able to eat it without getting distracted before and then you get to watch your show and rest mommy…" - Kissiah 

"Shouldn't it be an axiom, if you're too big to fail, it should be too big to exist?" - George Will
"How small should we make the banks George?! How does that work?!" - Barney Frank


"Juice?!" - Jenaya
No you can't have no more juice! You've already had enough!" - Mommy
(Loud, grating, crying noises) - Jenaya 

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