Friday, March 14, 2014

Love Glow: New Music! For my House Heads...

Just released a new deep house song with a label and producer out of South Africa, Luka. We've gotten some nice reviews…Deep House baby! #ILikeMusic

"...the original is just my kinda perfect. Alison has a beautiful voice." - pheel, Brazil

 "This is an exceptional piece with lovely vocals by Alison Crockett.Turn down the lights,close your eyes and dance the night away!" - Sammy Rock, Cyberjamz Internet Radio

"Love Alison Crockett's voice!!" - Richie Jones, Sound 3 Recordings

"Love this and will support heavily!!!" - Jamal Ahmad, Jazz 91.9fm WCLK &
"Really liked the last stuff from Luka and I'm always excited to see Alison on a track!" - T-Bird,Wtnr Spain

"So nice to hear Alison Crockett back on the mic. Effortless, classy melodies that warm the soul as the groove shakes on. I'll slip this into the mix, early doors." - Amar Patel, Straight No Chaser

"Good tune,i will play on my radio shows for Alison!" - Barry King,


Sunday, March 9, 2014

My journey into Obamacare...

I haven't done it yet…but I'm on my way. At least to look at it. My health insurance, though not great, is ok.  Better than the last fraudulent insurance that I picked up when I moved in the the DC area. I have United Healthcare….Well, an off shoot of that company called Golden Rule.  It's a PPO which means I can go anywhere without having to get a doctor referral first. It has a $5000 deductible, so essentially that means I pay for 90% of all the healthcare I am my kids use because we're pretty healthy.

I avoided going to the site because, well, frankly…I didn't have time to deal with the mess that was the website. But now it seems that the website is better and I'm starting the process of seeing if Obamacare stacks up to my insurance that I pay myself.

I put this video up because I'm sick of people thinking that we have the best healthcare in the world.  My mom spends 2-4 weeks out of every year delivering free health care to poor people in Mississippi. They don't have any money to go to the doctor and many don't have money for expensive prescriptions. Obamacare's medicaid expansion would cover a lot of people, but I believe most southern governors have opted out of that. Heavy sigh…

One of the most baffling parts of this video you see the Fox news business journalist stating that the poor just need to…stop being poor.  Yes…that's what we need to do. Just stop being poor.  I wish I had thought of that! Then we all afford to get expensive, over-medicated, over-technology based health care.  We could all afford then to get healthy food, and live in great neighborhoods, and have robot vacuum cleaners. People just need to stop being poor.

Uh huh… the story continues….