Saturday, December 10, 2011

NPR: GOP pbjects to 'Millionaires Surtax': Millionaires we found? Not so much

NPR did this story recently about the Millionaire surtax to pay for other programs and decided to find some millionaires who were against it.  They found very few who were willing to talk about it at all, but the two they found were not stopping their hiring based off of whether they were taxed or not.  

Now I have a friend who owns her own financial consulting business.  She IS the american dream.  Came from NOTHING and built a thriving insurance and financial consulting firm, taught herself spanish and lives in a big house, literally, on a hill down a long driveway.  When I talked to her, she said, we gotta bring down some of these taxes, they're killing me!  However, she did not say that her hiring practices changed because of her tax burden.  My Grandfather who owned a farm said that if you're paying more taxes, you're making more money. Rejoice!

No one wants to pay taxes dude.  I may get a tax break for childcare, but whether I had the tax break or not, I gotta pay for my child to get watched because I gotta go to work.  If a business has work coming in and not enough people to handle it, that company will hire more workers or find a way to get more productivity out of the current workers they have. Taxes may be a part of any decision, but the work needs to get done regardless. Period. 

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