Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does Cain remember Willie Horton???

I was watching this video about Herman Cain and how he believes that Blacks have been brainwashed into not voting for conservatives.  This is about as ridiculous as this idiot (who obviously has business savvy) can get.  I'm so tired of republicans getting mad when their own strategies backfire on them.  At least say that "in the past we pursued a strategy which kept you out.  We are working on it now." Everyone remembers the Willie Horton strategy of the Bush Campaign: scare the white people with the scary big black man coming out of jail, because he was furloughed.  And remember the Reagan hit, about the Cadillac driving welfare queen? You know what color the Aretha Franklin driving lady was even as at that time many, many more whites were on welfare than blacks.

Today's mainstream conservatism is a philosophy that I don't much agree with, but I will concede it is a valid way of looking at governance.  I am in agreement that we should not be taken advantage of by the democrats and there should be a contingent of blacks who vote for republicans.  But don't put sh*t in my face and tell me it's chocolate...

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