Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ima Hustla (no, really I'm a hustla...metaphorically speaking of course)

That song I was working on in the hotel on the road in August is really coming together now, it's basically done.  I sent it to teddy and he was into it, but I think on the fence.  So I changed a few things and put some more stank on has to be stankish...gritty, old-man-with-a-licorice-tree-bark-stick-in-his-mouth kind of groove, ala Lamont McCain-on-bass (oh how I miss you Lamont!)  kinda stank. We put horns on it this weekend and I think now it's layin' just right. Greg Boyer from Prince's NPG arranged 'em, how do you like that??! Snippets to come soon!

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