Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today I've been watching my sunday morning talk shows on my birthday.  I've twittered about it all morning. Now Obama is supposed to "be real" and should have been "real" from the get go.  He shouldn't have been so optimistic and should have had a straight talk with the American people.  

Y'all reporters/pundits are on crack.  If you had heard him say that "we are really in trouble," it would have been, "this negro doesn't understand american exceptionalism!"  You already questioned his birth, his religion, his patriotism, his college record even!  If he had put on the figurative sweater of Jimmy Carter in the beginning of his presidency, he would have been ridiculed.  Now, we can have many opinions about how he has done, but can't nobody tell me that after "The Great Depression II - The Mini-Series That Never Ends", BP oil spill of death and destruction, Chernobyl Style Japanese nuclear meltdown, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes (btw, obama could really be the anti-christ if you're dumb enough), Republican obstructionism made into an artform, and the disintegration of the economies of Europe, that anybody would be doing more than treading water at this point.  I don't care what the great Bill Clinton would do; the worst thing he had to deal with is bodily fluids on a dress.  Ronald Reagan might have made us feel better, but that doesn't mean we would have BEEN better. I don't even need to speak about George H.W. Bush.

I don't want to be an apologist for anybody, but damn! On my birthday, I just want a little love in the room.  Take a rest...feel like things will be my heels three times and it will all be swept away.... 

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