Friday, September 23, 2011

Class Warrior??

Just read Paul Krugmans column in the NY Times today about class warfare and what it really is about. He made some great points and I do hope whatever influence his words have will help move the needle of public opinion towards what would seem to me to be obvious. Because I'm going to tell you what warfare means to me: How about health insurance warfare, mortgage warfare, credit card warfare, retirement savings warfare, childcare warfare, food warfare, fix my broken roof warfare, my car is 12 years old warfare, my check don't come until the end of the month warfare and I'm broke warfare...

And these wealthy people are complaining about paying an extra 4% of your income which equals in ONE YEAR the earning power OF MY ENTIRE LIFETIME?! As overweight people say to skinny people who say they need to loose weight,"I'm going to stand here and listen, but don't expect me to feel for you..."

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