Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Energy??

The controversy this week about the green jobs company that got special treatment from the Obama administration made me think about how green energy is kind of a bust so far, at least in my own life. I was listening to NPR a week or so ago and they were talking about fracking (sounds like a curse word from Battlestar Galactica)  for natural gas; hopefully allowing the US to be less reliant on fuel from foreign sources.  In thinking about this, there are so many variables because I would love to be more energy efficient, but I can't really afford it.   If there could be natural gas to fuel my car, I would love that since it's about a dollar less per gallon than gas right now.  But, if I bought the car that could run on natural gas, would it be cheap enough to make sense for me to buy it?  Technology that is efficient just doesn't solve my underlying problem of not having enough money to begin with.  I didn't buy a hybrid because I had just bought a car the year before and it had already gone down in value and the hybrid's price didn't make sense in the long run.  It's the same with solar panels.  If you don't have $20K to put them on your roof, they are useless unless they can pay for themselves within a few years, which at this moment, they don't.  So I am not energy efficient.  I'm still just hustling to add $1k per month to my income so I can afford daycare and/or preschool in a minute.  I guess I need to sell some more records :)

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