Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Rule: If you caint (not can't but caint) sing then DON'T SING!

The cool factor…sigh…Mitt, you just don't have it

Even though Mitt can't sing, and the majority of americans can't sing well either…this is not endearing. It does not make him one of us…just a slob like one of us.  We watch american idol to laugh at the people who can't sing.  Nobody roots for the guy who thinks he "moves like Jagger". We think he's nuts and we snicker and holla, and say,"What de hell are you thinking about, thinking you can sing?!" If you can't…just be quiet.  If you can, sing.  The president can sing. That's really cool.  But a singer cannot necessarily run the country, just because he/she has talented pipes.  No one expects it. John McCain was hella funny.  His saturday night live skits were actually really funny. He lost. I hope Romney gets the point.

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