Thursday, February 16, 2012

Show Some Respect, MSM!

Can we just leave Whitney ALONE??!  I am so tired of every news story, every so called "friend" who Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper have on their show to figure out "just how wasted was she?!" Can't we just let the woman rest in peace and let her family deal with the inevitable hurt, pain and anger that she was taken away so suddenly? I am tired of hearing, "I had nothing but respect for her, BUT…" and then go on to say that she was doing drugs, or she should have had better handlers, or she was drunk that morning or any other crap that comes to their mind.  And it's all out of "love" mind you….

I turn to these news shows to watch THE NEWS; about politics, war, diplomacy, education, legal issues…the news of the day.  The occasional celebrity info is fine, but do we really have to go on and on and on?  She is important to the national discourse because she's Whitney Houston, not just any old celebrity. But… can we have the ATTRACTIVE pictures of the woman up? It actually hurts my feelings to see the picture of her looking jacked up.  It's not dignified.  It's not o-k! It's Whitney.  Show some frickin respect!

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