Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Political Campaigns: I don't mind if you use my songs!

There are artists who don't want to let republican candidates use their songs.  Not me, I think I'd let 'em use one of mine.

Perhaps the republican party might want to use my song "Like Rain" to express it's, um, sort-of-devotion to Mitt Romney:

"Love is like an Ocean/Never ending always going
Your love was so appealing/It was like the calm before the storm
But is wasn't Like Rain: It was shelter that had no front door
But it wasn't Like Rain: It was armor so heavy it made you sore
But it wasn't Like Rain: We were two, never one making war
And it wasn't Like Rain…yeah heah…"

Or maybe the tea party might like my song "Save Me" as an ode to Romney:

"Oh save me from, loving you /I just promised myself that I would not fall in love so soon"

Libertarians might consider using my cover of Janet Jackson's "When I Think Of You" for a Ron Paul ad:

"When I think of you... nothing else seems to matter
When I think of you... all I think about it our love"

How about the track I did with Landslide "Its Not Over" as the theme song for Gingrich's first and/or second wife:

"When we were together at first is was good/Made me feel just like a woman should Then you decided that I was hooked/No more hugs and lovin' just a woman just to clean and cook Became a playa, didn't even try to hide/I said something you said don't cramp my style Took it all I was in denial/Not you want me back and you want me to be your wife..."This love's over no discussion This love's over You must be crazy if you think you're gonna be my man."

Dear President Obama: Please feel free to consider using my song "Everything is Beautiful" as your new campaign theme song. 

"It's time to live our lives just like the sun is always out even when there's rain
Lets open up our eyes and see the beauty in our lives even when there's pain..."

or Obama could re-use the song his 2008 campaign inspired me to write, "Change the World"

"I want to change the World, don't you want to change the world?"

But what they all might wanna use is a song from my NEW album, "Mommy, What's A Depression?"
called "I'ma Hustla"

Times is rough
Gotta put gas in my car goto work
Yeah it's tough
Belt is tight
Gotta put my kid through school pay the bills no help in sight, oh no
But I got my eyes on the prize
Gotta Make it work cause I got one life
I'ma hustla

Stay tuned for MUCH more news about my new album, we're in the final stages of getting it ready for you now!  ;-)

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  1. These are absolutely perfect. Incredible look, amazing voice AND politically astute. You are dangerous! :)