Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mae Jamison, a real life Captain Kirk

Ok, this may be a bit of old news to some of you but I'm still excited nonetheless, because with this story the sci-fi geek and "black woman rise" diva in me can come out at the same time! Fans of Star Trek and space exploration unite!  A black woman, the former space shuttle astronaut Mae Jamison, will be heading the project charged with figuring out how a 100 year, multi generational exploration of star systems outside our solar system would work. Big, smiling sigh….I know people are hungry down here, and we've got problems here on this planet, but I'm just geeked out about it. It's as if the Arthur Clarke Rama series is coming to life (which featured a black woman as savior of all humanity, while at the same time depicting blacks and hispanics as utter idiots. 2001 this book was not).  Shoot, I didn't wanna be Uhura when I watched Star Trek, even though the episode when she wore the fly midriff baring outfit and the thigh high boots was CRAZY!  I wanted to be Kirk or Spock doing all the cool sh%t, saving the universe from destruction from the Klingons, even though later the Klingons became cool as hell later in the next generation.

But again I digress.  SEE! I can't help it! This is sooooo cool.  I don't wanna go on the trip, because it's gonna be unpleasant and dirty and I don't wanna crash on Mars and have to set up a camp of plants so I can breathe like Don Cheadle did in the movie Red Planet.  I also don't want to become fat because my bones have lost their density like they did in Wall-e.  But I wanna get the updates and pictures when it happens.  I want to see what's out there.  Maybe bug people like in Orson Scott Card's Ender series. OMG!  I'm soooo geeked out it's ridiculous.

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