Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sullivan: Yes, Romney Could Lose...

Andrew Sullivan echoes my cool factor argument as to why Romney probably will not win in November 2012. Speaking personally, I am not in any way against capitalism!  People start businesses, people make money, people hire other people, people buy things, and people make more money; and so on, and so on...just like that 70's shampoo commercial. Its all good! 

The problem with Mitt is that he keeps displaying a lack of connection to what people actually feel like when they lose a job by -- saying he knows what it's like to get a pink-slip! Bruh c'mon! You don't know what it's like.  Being fired when you have no money is tough.  It changes your whole life, unless you get another job pretty quick.  You could lose your house, you definitely lose your health care, you may have to move to another city or move in with other can be d-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-i-n-g.

If you, Mitt Romney, are fired, you may feel bad, like you failed, and to make yourself feel better, you'll go on a trip to, say Bora Bora, or the south of France; maybe even Hawaii.  You may hole yourself up in your house and get depressed.  You may have to go into therapy to deal with your issues, or go on a shopping binge to...wait, that'd be a woman...scratch that.  You just don't have regular-people-type of money problems.  Just admit that.  You don't feel our pain, and you never can or will.  Deal with it, and just be rich and happy, and own that, "though I didn't grow up with money issues, I want what is best for all Americans and you can see that by my work with (insert appropriate charity(s) here)." Say stuff like that more often and people might start to believe you're sincere. 

That's why the "documentary" about Bain Capitol is so damaging.  It doesn't matter that eventually there were jobs created, to the person who lost his/her job in the 'creative destruction' it just doesn't matter 'cause their job is GONE.  Since  Romney apparently doesn't understand this in his gut, he has a quite a bit of difficulty conveying to people that he understands this lack of distinction.  The most recent primaries have shown that clearly conservatives aren't all that exited about anyone and are just voting for the one who could possibly defeat Obama.  The main problem is...sigh...I'm sorry but...nobody really likes you all that much, Mitt.  People may disagree with Obama's policy's but...most people LIKE HIM personally.  They like his family, and his wife, and...just him.  He seems like a nice guy.  He didn't destroy Hillary Clinton in their presidential primary contest like Romney destroyed Gingrich with Super PAC dollars.  None of  Romney's competitors like him; they HATE him, despise him on a deeply personal level.  So if the other presidential candidates hate you, how do you think their base voters feel? They may support you in the end, but just because there's no other choice, not because you make them feel good inside.  You got a few months to turn yourself into someone likable, cause if you don't...Just make sure you get large speaking fees cause...oh don't need to worry about money... never mind...carryon, sir, carryon.

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