Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anti-Obesity Ad Sparks Controversy

Anti-obesity ads spark controversy in Georgia

Off the political circuit for a moment, this is an ad that is running in georgia to help fight obesity in children.

Now, the really telling thing about this ad isn't the sad child in it.  It's the breathing at the end.  You gotta listen for it.  Being the child of a doctor does come in handy occasionally.  Hear the child's breathing?  When you are overweight you breath harder because there's just more to have to carry.  Many overweight adults have sleep apnea and they have to wear an apparatus on their faces at night so they don't suffocate and die.  This beautiful girl, because of her weight, may have to deal with this in the future.  Or, it could have been a really hot mic that catches everything.

Well, regardless, there weren't that many overweight people in the past, because there wasn't as much food readily available in the past.  More food available, the more you eat; it ain't so hard to figure.  Politically speaking, we need to better deal with the stark reality that as a country we are fat…(as I eat the last piece of Caribbean fruitcake and a cold piece of pizza for breakfast)

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  1. so true. everything foodwise has been "supersized." even my veggie burgers! it's as if the nation doesn't have its people's best interest at heart. i guess the more we eat, the more obese we get, the more obese we get the more dis-ease we accumulate in our bodies. the more disease, the more pharmaceuticals we get to ingest. the more pharmaceuticals we need to purchase, the richer the nation who backs pharmaceutical companies! 1 + 1 =2. unfortunately, that seems to be the major focus of this country - greed, money and profit. just my $.02.