Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ron Paul and....MLK??

Interesting, with eyebrow raised.  Ron Paul is a slick mofo.  He seems to be working to become a powerhouse in the Republican party, whether they want him to be or not. This article in the tells the story of how Ron Paul not only made sure his people arrived early to caucus, but stayed late in order to become delegates for Iowa.  They ain't playin'.  They are trying to affect the platform of the party on the sly...

However, Jonathan Bersnstein over at a plain blog about politics is convinced that it doesn't matter because he won't be able to gather enough to make a difference and frankly no one will care and they'll just end up doing whatever they want anyway.

Just my two cents: I think Ron Paul is like the proverbial MLK, Jr. turtle in the race. He may not get to see you on the mountain top of no-government, ass hanging out in the wind because we don't need a nanny state getting in the way of our liberty of doing whatever the hell we want regardless of what or how it affects anybody else and it doesn't matter anyway because we abolished every department that makes sure your food, education, air, and water are ok…as I say he may not get there with you, but he can see the promised land….

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