Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ho Hum New Hampshire

So I just finished watching the coverage for the New Hampshire Primary.  Mitt won again, but, as I said earlier, Mitt just ain't cool, so, even though it's looking like he may have just about wrapped this race up only two states into it, I still don't think he's gonna win.  With his talk of his love of firing people (even though it was completely taken out of context, since he was talking about firing a health care plan that didn't work for you) and that he's feared receiving a pink-slip or two, no one really likes him all that much.  And the pink-slip comment.  REALLY!? You ain't never been fired, man!  And even if you had been, you wouldn't have had to change your lifestyle.  All that might have been hurt was your ego; man you're RICH!  I've been fired before (although I must say that after my one and only firing I bought myself a lobster dinner because I felt that this was the great universal spirit telling me it was time to concentrate on my music, which has worked out pretty good  for me ) and it's not a good feeling at all. It hurts both emotionally or financially.  Being laid off because of budgetary reasons ain't fun neither.  "You did a good job, but we have no more money for your area of expertise." But I digress…

I was really fascinated by the different coverage styles of the three main networks: CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.  I watched all three for a while, till I fell a asleep on the couch (while eating a mediocre, but oh so satisfying, chocolate cream pie slice that was on sale for $1).  MSNBC and FOX used their semi-news pundits to have a round table like discussion of events.  Earlier in the night, FOX did a lot more "hard news" coverage of the event, utilizing reporters more than pundits.  However, the award for dumbest story for the night was CNN's, "Let's follow the actual ballots in a car right behind the car that's taking the ballots to their final resting place…" Ummm…WHO DE' HELL CARES?!?!  Normally, the dumb CNN thing has to do with some cool, but stupid technology like holograms or computer generated bobble heads, and smart boards that move in ways that no one really cares about.  If you're gonna go low tech, do it with something people care about.  Following votes behind a car?! Is Princess Diana back from the dead and there's gonna be a shoot out or something while you're following the votes?  Are you following them in a suspicious white bronco in LA?!  Maybe Obama's real kenyan birth certificate is in there or something and Geraldo is going to jump out saying that Al Copone's treasure is somewhere within the ballots cast in New Hampshire.  Why do we care about this?!  You got all this technology to tell us what the results are, what gives with the filler story?  What de hell?!

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