Monday, October 3, 2011

Be Afraid, Very Afraid...

This is what we are afraid of.  I've been writing music about this very subject.  You got people talkin like they know and not dealing with reality.  Candidates are speaking about stuff that has nothing to do with my home being underwater and not being able to re-finance it.  Obama has not been able to get things done in the past year or been able to communicate what he needs to do in order to get things done.  The world is literally crumbling before our eyes and wall street bankers are sipping champagne taking pictures of demonstrators saying essentially let them eat cake.

It's a time to come together and figure out how we're gonna make this country work.  I think the reason that you are seeing the protests at Wall Street and other financial centers of the country is because people are tired of feeling like they can't do anything to make a difference.  Republicans are obstructing and the Economist is saying that Obama is initiating class warfare, which y'all know how I feel about that foolishness.  

No one seems to know what to do, and the article says that people want real talk.  I feel like saying to the world and the press the famous line from that Tom Cruise movie, "Truth!?!? You can't HANDLE the truth!!"  

Y'all didn't want to hear the truth because no one in public office is rewarded for the truth.  Why?  Because the truth hurts, that's why! Cuts hurt, because they make you bleed. Getting money out of stones is painful cause there ain't no money in a stone. You get diamonds by blowing up caverns and gold does not grow on trees. Plain talk is greeted with shouts of dismay and anger at the leader...see Greece. 

BTW, no one wants plain talk from a black man.  You'll just lynch him figuratively or in reality.  Plain talk got Malcolm and Martin shot.

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