Friday, July 29, 2011

Another for the album: Depression

Song is done.  I’m into these basslines.  Always have been.  I can’t play them well, but I sure do like them.  Changed the form of this song to kinda mimic how the mind thinks rather than about a hook.  People just feel; they don’t know what to call it all the time.  And they don’t say, “Wow, I’m depressed, anxious, frustrated, lonely and sad.”  They just feel like shit at that moment…maybe a lot of moments. 

Teddy’s into it.  I like the song, but dang, it sure makes me feel bad.  I have to go into the places that I write about.  Do people in power really think about the consequences of their dumb ass actions?  People are really suffering out here.  They think they have all the answers, but they have no idea what it’s like to not have health insurance, or to pay for it but not get anything covered. To have to watch as other children get to goto the dentist and yours can’t or to have to choose not to goto the dr because you don’t have the money, even though your child is sick.  I keep coming back to this debt ceiling.  Do we have to spend all of our collective energy dealing with something that should take a few minutes simply because both sides can’t figure out how to work together?!  While people are giving up their house because they lost their job and moving back in with mom or in their car if they don’t have it like that?  REALLY?!

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