Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I watched Jon Stewart last night and read Andrew Sullivan's blog last night about the whole "Niggerhead" scandal.  What it just says to me is that, people all over the country are living in the white supremacy virtual world.  We don't realize we're living in it, because we don't see this sh*t up close too often anymore.  To many it doesn't even feel real, hence, the virtual part.  

This is like when I found out they were using darkie toothpaste in India.  The white supremacy virtual world, or WSVW for short, allows one to just go along and live in a world where you can call just random things like Brazil nuts niggertoes or rock formations niggerheads: for DECADES, and it means nothing.  It's just what we call it.  WSVW is so prevalent that it's not just in the expected parts of the southern US, it's in Vermont, the Pacific Northwest, California, Michigan...oh lets just say it: the 50 states of America. You don't actually have to deeply believe in white supremacy to actually benefit by it, and you can simply say, that's just what was done.  I'm not making this up. For example,  take fans of the Washington Redskins football team: "I love that team.  It's an institution.  We just happen to call the team the most derogatory thing we can think of about a certain group of people.  It's not our fault. It's not me, somebody else came up with that name..."

Yes, it was done and said in the past.  No, you didn't start it. And yes, it is everywhere.  Is it a cheap political stunt to bring it up now? Maybe, but, as a passing thought, shouldn't it trouble us as a country in which the President is of a niggerhead hue, and a whole bunch of niggerheads in the country are at 16% unemployement, and another old niggerhead is talking about a non-niggerhead painting over a niggerhead sign on a property his father owned, that there are STILL so many of our public sites, foods, equipment, natural resources, named after one of the most derogatory epithets in the english language; So derogatory in fact, that you can't even say it, in passing, if you are not another fellow niggerhead?  Well, thisa heah niggahead's mine mus' be jus' lik' dat dere rock fo'mation, an' jus' don be gettin' it.  Night Niggas...

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