Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At least we didn't default...

So the debt ceiling has an agreement now, but congress has not voted on it yet.  The frustration I feel is not that it will or will not be passed; it's that both sides have their own set of facts and the media is deciding what it will cover and what it will hold up as "facts" or an"expert".  Fact: the Tea party has moved the agenda towards cutting the debt.  Fact: no one is covering the "real" story of job loss and the need for job creation.  I was watching fox, because though I lean toward the left, I like to have an understanding of what people who think differently than me think, and why.

I have to back up.  Why is it that Fox is taken seriously as a news organization that is "fair and balanced"?  They don't even believe their own slogans. Also, when NPR says, "Where the mind is our medium..." So what do other stations use? Their feet? or perhaps their bottom parts?  Everybody's talking like they are the only ones that have the answers and it really just opinion.  I was watching a fox news show (like CNN in the middle of the day, no star commentator, just an anchor) and when the anchor wanted to talk about the issues with the debt crisis she didn't bring up a congressman or an economist or someone who may have some actual knowledge of how stuff works, she brought on Mike Gallagher, a conservative radio talk show host.  What the HELL DOES HE KNOW?!  Who is he, and why does his opinion matter other than he has a certain point of view?! At least they could have brought up a pundit or a journalist that spends time on this issue, but they just brought in a commentator.  I had to turn off the tv at that point. And this happens all the time!  It's not like Fox is the only one that does it, it just does it the most.  These "news" organizations are, like my husband likes to say, just gossiping and not actually reporting anything.  I can't even take them seriously.

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