Monday, August 8, 2011

Talkin' like they know...

I'm working on this new song that I think's gonna be about how difficult it is to find real objectivity and reliable information on TV (cough...Fox news..ahem...MSNBC...cough cough). And I was thinking about the whole Rupert Murdoch story that was going on a few weeks ago.  The fact that a portion of his news organization just decided to make up the news that it wanted and not call it a tabloid, but actual news is my real problem with news today.  I'm a political junkie and I consume news the way some people consume chocolate.  There are certain anchors that I become like a teenager worshiping justin beiber or something because I am soooo into them.  But I do expect there to be facts spoken about, not opinion.  I can't seem to find that easily and it's been happening for a long time and it's really getting me mad.  They speak like they know the answers and they don't even know the right questions.  They keep talking like they know something when they just think they have no idea about the subject and are using fact-like-objects to explain themselves.  Just stupid. There are actual problems and there are people who actually have solutions, but very few news organizations talk solutions because their ratings would go down if they weren't having the metaphorical Housewives of DC having spats and cat fights on their political "roundtables" everyday.

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