Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rhinos vs. Tea party

I just heard something that made me sad and angry and astonished. John McCain said in the senate that it would be disingenuous ans dishonest to tell your constituents that passing a balanced budget amendment in this climate and connect it with the passage of the debt ceiling will actually happen. If his colleagues who have been there (meaning in the senate or house) for only 6 months think that a balanced budget would pass, they are crazy and things just don't work that way.

So how does this piece of pretty angry wisdom get taken by the tea party republican radio talk show host Mike Gallager? McCain is now considered a RHINO - - Republican In Name Only.  Now as a black person I feel it's hilarious that now white people have a name for people they think don't fit with their cultural parameters. Once when I was a kid some stupid idiots called me an oreo. I'm just glad that blacks aren't the only people with these types of names.

But all kidding aside, the republican party is imploding on itself. Tea party republicans seem to think that they should take a principled stand about the budget.  What it seems like to me is that on principle they're willing to watch the country explode in order to prove a point. They're willing to cut the biblical baby in half rather than save the baby because they want it their way.This is what we get when good people don't take stands and do what is necessary, cause now the angry mob flashed and mobs don't think straight, they're just angry. 

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