Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working on a new track...

Teddy sent me this dope a** track from a jam session in the studio the other day: 

Goes back to our DC roots in gogo.  I went to youtube and went down memory lane to listen to some Little Benny and the Masters and Chuck Brown.  A couple of friends of mine work in Chuck's band...gotta take advantage of that and see his show....Thinking about Sardines and Pork and Beans and Cat in the Hat and Money, Money Money and stuff like that. Back when I was a kid, we loved those groups.  It was DC gogo against NYC hip hop.  Back when music was still regional.  

...and I came up with this in the car, I like it so far!

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  1. Marc Cary, Terreon Gully and Butter laid it down!