Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Debt Debate Insanity

Today was nuts.  The debt ceiling debate in driving me crazy.  So many people say they want to cut spending, but that’s in the abstract.  WHAT do you want to cut, specifically??!  Just because McDonalds in changing their happy meal to be more portion controlled and healthy, I don’t want to pay the same price for less food.  That would be nuts.  You want to cut medicare…how?  That building project that will provide jobs in your district, you wanna keep that right, because that’s necessary to the health of your community, not pork.  Trying to figure out $2 TRILLION in cuts in ONE WEEK?!!  I can’t figure out how to deal with my family budget each month, let alone cut it in the equivilant of 30 seconds.  And what about the stuff that actually is needed?  How do you determine that?  Also, the lobbyists of all concerned(whether you think they’re good or bad) are gonna yell and scream and make many a commercial to make the public not really hear or understand the issue completely.

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