Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exciting News! "Mommy, What's A Depression?" To Be Released in Japan Next Week

Exciting news!! I'm proud to announce that my new album, "Mommy, What's A Depression?" is being released next Tuesday, June 13th in Japan on Octave Lab/Ultra-Vybe records. You can get it here in the US and elsewhere throughout the world through portals such as CD,, iTunes and many others starting Tuesday, June 26th.

I thought real long and hard about what I wanted to say with this record.  Just like with this blog, I want my words and voice to make an impact towards making things better in this world. I'm tackling a lot of issues with the songs I chose to record, some of which I've already begun to talk about on the blog here and here and here. I think of the blog as an extension of the album; I found I have so much more to say than I could put into lyrics and sounds. The point is that on this record I'm trying to make more than just music. On this record I want to reach your brain (or at least your subconscious) even as it makes you move your behind.  And If you been following the blog from the beginning then you have watched as many of these songs developed, like in this post and this one and this one and this one. Can't wait for you all to hear it all shiny and brand spanking new and sincerely hope you enjoy!!

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