Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terminator Dogs

My brother sent me the video below a while ago.  The future is now, y'all.  I watch and read a lot of science fiction.  I also read a lot of comic books in my youth (who am I fooling?  If comics were still $1.75, I'd be buying them now.  The baby's shoes can wait.  Must find out what happened to Storm and Black Panther).  In some of my other posts, I've talked about the optimistic side of the future: Star Trek.  This is a future where whatever you desire can come to be. Play whatever music you like, translate all foreign languages into something you can understand, set up colonies on Mars, and range across the universe and explore new worlds, new civilizations…to boldly go…well, you know the rest.

There's another sci-fi version of the future that had just as much impact on future technology as ST: The Terminator.  That movie scared the crap outta me. You just couldn't kill the robot.  It kept coming.  It was intelligent and clever; it could think, plan, strategize.  It could track you down and move as fast or faster than you and any other vehicle around you.  The machines wanted the planet, and frankly…they won, we lost.

Sigh…that future is here my friend.  The future is now:

FYI, this video was made in 2008. Four years ago.  Besides the annoying buzzing sound, the robot is relatively agile and cannot fall down.  What other reason would there be to have this robot except to track people down. What other use could there be? Again, this video is ancient by modern technological advancement standards.  Development of technology must be fast paced in order to effectively compete in the marketplace. Someone is going to want this robot, or at least the capabilities that it represents.  Well at least the robots can't actually think…yet.


  1. - I think the main purpose of Big Dog was going to be to carry heavy loads across terrain that other vehicles couldn't negotiate, or perhaps transport battlefield casualties. Although I don't doubt someone, somewhere, is investigating its possibilities as a remote weapons platform too.

  2. I think you're right, Hutch. I can see the applications of many peacetime things upon further reflection. It's just wild though that what our imaginations can come up with based off of movies, books, and television. Also that all the technology has these dark-light imagery depending on how and who uses and creates it.