Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush Revisited

As an addendum to my take on the Rush Limbaugh controversy yesterday,  here is why I believe liberals are sometimes outrageous in their rhetoric.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon while I was in my car.  Yes, I actually do listen to him occasionally. He actually had some interesting analysis of the Super Tuesday results.  He was speaking about two media perspectives on Mitt Romney's wins. One, Rush believes the media is choosing to ignore the basic fact that Romney achieved significant wins in places he needed, like Ohio; to paint those accomplishments as lackluster is unfair to Romney as they clearly demonstrate his ability to win primaries and delegates.  But then Limbaugh continued on to elucidate what he sees as the other media angle, which is that the manner by which Romney won these contests shows the electorate that he is a weak candidate…but I digress.

Limbaugh also spoke about energy independence and how we cannot count on solar energy because the reason Solyndra failed was because there's no market for solar panels in America.  This, of course, is not true.  China is just able to sell the panels for a lot less because their industry is government subsidized and they can undercut the price on American made solar panels. He then went on to say we need to drill for more oil in this country so we are not at the whim of the instability that has gone on since the dawn of time in the middle east. Again, a blatant mischaracterization, in this instance of the middle east's history.  But anyway…directly after that statement Limbaugh said that "Barak Hussein Obama" doesn't want America to have it's own oil, that's why he's not allowing drilling to happen. 

After hearing this I wanted to kick him in the nuts.  This type of code has been used against black people for centuries and now liberals of all colors, who are getting hip to the code, are responding in a similarly angry way.  First Limbaugh greatly distorts the facts.  This gets the blood boiling. Then, by using the President's full name right after he mentions the problems in the middle east,  he insinuates that President Obama is not REALLY an American or at the very least, that his interests lay more towards his "arabic" or "muslim" roots, hence the middle name drop.  The smoke that is likely erupting from a liberal leaning person's ears is deftly deflected by Limbaugh innocently admonishing, "I repeated the president's name.  What's the problem?! You're just too sensitive."  But his real message has gotten across and Limbaugh can disavow any premeditation of derogatory language usage. 

These type of tactics make people on the left go ape-sh*t.  They start saying things that, frankly, just shouldn't come out of their mouths because Limbaugh uses such blatant dirty tricks. I don't condone incendiary or vulgar language from anyone, but I have an understanding of why it can happen.

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