Thursday, November 17, 2011

OFFS (Occupy Frozen Food Section)!!

Ok, I don't have much to say but…this is just dumb. Pizza ain't a vegetable. A granola bar in the shape of a cookie is…a cookie dang it! French fries are literally, killing people because if you ingest them you are more likely to ingest all those other foods that are bad for you and cause diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and contribute greatly to arthritis and cancer. I see these kids and have some of them in my house. My kid has pizza all the time, but we eat LOTS of veggies, clean meats, and fruit. But there are many kids and families who don't, hence the obesity epidemic which I see all the time right in front of me.

If anyone wants to start talking about "crony capitalism" well, here it is. Tomato paste is nutritional but not slathered on a pizza crust made with white flour and a ton of fatty cheese on top. Anyone with a brain knows that. The potato and frozen food lobby wins over science and fricken common sense again. I'm gonna occupy the frozen food section at my local grocery store. Anyone with me?

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