Saturday, November 5, 2011

Corporations are people? Then treat them like individuals...

Just saw this article about Corporations paying no taxes.  Of course, those corporations say that's untrue.  But besides what is being paid or not, there is a larger point to be made.  As usual, the comments section makes the points better than the article.  One person said essentially this:

A corporation's job is to make money.  Increase their bottom line by whatever means necessary--coporations are doing what they're meant to do by lobbying for more tax breaks and fewer responsibilities...Our government is failing to draw a line in the sand. Instead of saying,"Alright, you created this many jobs, so here's the amount of tax break you get this year" they hand our a blanket sum with the bewildering belief that by helping companies make more money, somehow that will "trickle down" into our economic system and magically create jobs.
It's not working.
-Natalie Slaughter (comment on Huffington Post)

She goes on to say something that I agree with.  You can do what you want to make your business work, but the government's job is to do what benefits the country, and can and should reward those companies that foster the good of America and it's citizens.  Those that create jobs, invest in American infrastructure, you know...the stuff we want and need.  But shipping jobs overseas to create a cheaper product...which btw, is not always the better option for a lot of reasons, should not be rewarded.  Tax breaks should be given to companies that are doing what we, Americans, need.

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