Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mississippi FAIL

I know this Mississippi law did not pass, but the mere fact that it was even brought up is disturbing. As a mom, I feel that as soon as you know you're pregnant, you have a little person in there. And if you want that child, you'll do anything to protect it.  However, as I've been saying in some tweets lately, turning a woman's womb into a crime scene because we want to have a "culture of life" to take over?!  Uh Uh…nope.  I can't roll with you.

The strongest reason I have for believe that woman should have the right to have an abortion came from my Christian conservative mom.  This woman was very anti-abortion (she wouldn't read Harry potter books because they have witches in them.  Satan is real…she has the series about the second coming of Christ.  She has them ALL)  She worked in Walter Reade Hospital when abortion was illegal. Her mind changed when she saw woman after woman after woman after woman (not exaggerating here, this is what she told me first hand) who bled out and died because of botched abortions done with all manner of coat hangers, herbs, etc…She just couldn't take the death and destruction she saw so often.  So if having a safe abortion provided by medical professionals would stop the death, she was for having it available.

Turning a fetus into a person has all sorts of issues associated with it that just can't be squared.  I wouldn't want anything to happen to my children when they were in-utero.  But should I make that choice for someone who was raped or who is 14 or who has other real and pertinent reasons for making the awful choice of ending a pregnancy?

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