Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dreams are attainable

Alison Crockett - Mommy, What's a Depression?
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Sometimes I sit at the piano and just start to play. It makes me feel better; my anxieties disappear, my stress vanishes, and I am lifted up onto the cloud that is music.  One of my favorite singer/pianists is Donny Hathaway. I wish I could be half the artist he is. I grew up with his records always playing in my home. I loved the way he passionately sang and the masterful way he played while he did it. It was an updated version of the genius of Nat King Cole.

This week I have been moving towards a dream that I have had for myself for many many years. I have learned through seeing the possibility of this dream actually happening for me that I have been living in a place where I am not worthy of other people's notice, because me, just myself, is not enough. But I can sing though, and that makes me worthy to listen to right? But I found, through the possible attainment of my dream, that regardless of whether or not I even attain that dream, that I am worthy of notice, worthy of listening…just worthy. Just because I am -- nothing more -- nothing less. 

In this song, it's just me singing a song that I love, playing an instrument (not as well as I'd like) that I truly love to play. Singing and playing gives me such great joy. Listen to the words that Donny wrote. Listen to the sentiment. Listen…and know that dreams are attainable, but first -- you have to have them.

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