Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I didn't enroll in Obamacare...

I didn't enroll, bluntly, because I already have self pay health insurance. Mine was grandfathered in because it was real insurance.  You know, the type that actually pays for stuff? Which is unlike my old insurance, which most people who were thrown off probably had.  Mega Life and Health was an insurance that "renewed" every six months and went up in price every six months so you were not actually covered for any length of time.  You were only covered for six months. They also didn't pay for…oh, lets see…squat.

But my insurance now, is an actual insurance.  Do I love it, no.  Do I like it, yes. Is it affordable, relatively. In comparison to Obamacare…it comparable.  Did I find out all the ins and outs of what I would possibly get, no. But the website was not friendly.  And since I was in no rush, I didn't sign up.

However, that doesn't mean I don't support it and think it's a better deal for most people.  People on the higher end of the income ladder will pay more, so that people on the lower part of the income ladder will have similar health coverage to everyone else.  That people are now actually understanding what a deductible in health care is, and how much everything actually costs is a good thing.  Perhaps now, or in the near future, we can have real conversations about true health costs. Yea, I don't think that's gonna happen either...

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