Monday, April 8, 2013

Why they hate the police...

Why do young black and hispanic kids hate the police? Because of what is in this video. About two or three weeks ago, there was practically martial law in Brooklyn. I wasn't paying attention because I was in the DMV(DC, Maryland, Virginia area) taking care of my life. This wasn't in the news so I didn't pay attention...But one of my students who had just been to Brooklyn was telling me about the shooting(which is sadly common at this point) of a young black man by police, and how kids in the neighborhood where just frightened of the police. She told me about the constant harassment, the intimidation, the fear. Now, having lived in Brooklyn for many years, I didn't disbelieve her because I saw it, but I've been a van driving mom/musician/educator/hustla, so I am not confronted by it. And since it didn't happen to me personally, I thought she was slightly exaggerating.

This is why we as humanity needs to reconnect with those outside our experience because we loose empathy if we do not experience and see what it happening around us. How do we expect young people to have respect for authority and create a models of success when they are treated as criminals because of their color, age and attire? We manifest what we create. If we manifest hostility, expect hostility. If we manifest disrespect, expect disrespect. I am a believer in dressing and acting appropriately for your age. I believe in hard work and respecting elders and authority. But there are hostile forces in our neighborhoods that are supposed to be protecting us. What do we expect...Which type of human do we want to help produce? Who get's to decide who is human and how do we treat them...#H-U-M-A-N

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