Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You know when your own party calls you out, it's bad...

The House has delayed voting on a bill to give over $60 billion in aid to hurricane Sandy Victims. Republican representative, Peter King lays the argument against this action out very well. The "dismissive" attitude that Boehner has in not bringing this up to vote now is ridiculous. King lays out that it's going to most likely take about a month to get the new congress going again and the people in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey can't wait that long. He basically says that if this were a southern state, no one would have a problem giving out money for relief. 

This is the delusion that again seems to take hold of the GOP. Are the people in the northeast somehow not worthy of the money? It was said that the bill introduced by the Senate had lots of pork in it. So the House cannot amend it and send it back to the Senate?! Isn't that how government works?!

This is ridiculous!

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