Thursday, November 1, 2012

Global Warming: The New Normal

Ok everyone. You might not even read or hear this because you my not have any electricity in your home. But I'm going to say it anyway: I can't stand global warming and those who think it's not happening. We just went through a storm that has affected 50 million people across the entire eastern seaboard, flooded New York City, destroyed the New Jersey coastline and caused A BLIZZARD IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!  When I grew up in the Washingon, DC area, there was this large snow storm in the late 70s and it was rough with a couple of feet of snow on the ground.  But it was just one blizzard, it didn't happen that often, and no power was lost. Since I moved back to the DC area we have had thunder snow, blizzards, tornadoes, durechos, extreme draught, heat advisories and hot weather in February (regularly). I have gone thru power outage after power outage and trees falling down on my car and house. The mid atlantic states are supposed to have relatively tame weather. All of these weather incidents happened in the last 4 years. This is what we have to get used to in the future; the new normal so to speak. Face it: global warming is blooming. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Though the science is in concerning global warming, it's the weather that should make us believe.

[Nobel Laureate Mario J Molina, PhD] emphasized that there is no "absolute certainty" that global warming is causing extreme weather events. But he said that scientific insights during the last year or so strengthen the link. Even if the scientific evidence continues to fall short of the absolute certainly measure, the heat, drought, severe storms and other weather extremes may prove beneficial in making the public more aware of global warming and the need for action, said Molina. 
"It's important that people are doing more than just hearing about global warming," he said. "People may be feeling it, experiencing the impact on food prices, getting a glimpse of what everyday life may be like in the future, unless we as a society take action."

However, this is where the internet and it's openness goes horribly wrong and why it's so easy to deny climate change. As we all know, any crackpot with a computer can put any theory up on youtube. And those voices can seriously muddy the waters of common discourse. Who do you believe? With hurricane Sandy, those voices have everybody under the sun but mother nature herself creating it. This Salon article nicely lists all the theories out there. 

The one I hate the most is the HAARP program and chemical trails one. The government controls the weather. Really?! Then they are doing a really bad job! The problem with this theory is that if they created this storm, why didn't they stop the heatwave that destroyed crops all over the US? My favorite is that the gay's did it. God doesn't like gay people and so He sent this storm to chastise us for supporting for gay marriage. This is like when I tell my two year old why it's raining: it's just a giant crying. We can't tell you why it's raining, but it is and here's a nice little story about it to make you feel better.

This stuff is ridiculous. We can debate about why the weather is changing and whether it's man made climate change or not,(but it is, so those crazy scientists say) but the weather is changing. I've experienced it. We've all experienced it. There will always be freak storms and freak times, but we've had a lot of freak storms recently at freaky times. The truly freaky part is that these freaky things happen all the freakin' time now. We better freakin listen and do something about it.

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