Friday, August 17, 2012

My Summer Vacation - Part 3 - Politics and Prose

Y'all must think by now that I never went to the beach, or played with my kids in the pool, or ate a scallop (and they were good!) or rode a bike or went mini-golfing at all. But I did. But y'all don't want to really know about that. 

I didn't watch much TV or read many online news sources, but I did hear a few of the major things: one of my TV heroes got busted for plagiarism! Fareed Zakaria?!  WHAT?!?!? I was soooo hurt. I was more disappointed because now everything he says will have a tinge of unbelievability to it. And that sucks, 'cause I feel that he is one of the few journalists left that tries to be objective. You can't necessarily peg him to either side of the political spectrum; perfect! He may have a point of view, but he's practical and doesn't vomit at the mouth about dumb stuff. But now he's tarnished. Dang it!

Then, I went on my twitter feed briefly on saturday and saw that Raul Ryan is going to be the GOP VP pick for this election cycle. Pow!!! Right in the Kisser! Who in the hell saw that one coming? He was a choice, but certainly not one of the first, second or even third that was talked about.  My relatives went nuts. They were watching the speeches, (cause that's what old people do when the can't go to the beach 'cause they're having back and knee problems) and just yelling at the TV, sucking their teeth as only black women can do. When I walked into their room, my mom nearly yelled at me: "Did you see who they picked?! This is ridiculous!" No problem seeing which side she's on. Then, there was silence………………………….. Nothing but the sound of newscasters and Ryan in the wind……… (turned up really loud because hearing aids were not inside their proper ears) They watched all coverage of all campaign events. If there was no TV on, you could hear a pin drop if you could hear anything above the ringing in your ears due to the loudness of the TV. 

So there it is. My vacation: farm devastation, miscegenation, and political bombshells. And I still look good in a bathing suit. You betta Recognize!

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