Monday, May 14, 2012

James Lipton offers some great advice to Mitt Romney

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Mitt Romney getting advice from James Lipton from the Bravo series Inside the Actors Studio… OMG. The way he talks about the lack of naturalness of Romney's laugh is classic. I know some of my republican friends will not appreciate this very much, but…you gotta admit that Romney has a "lack of cool" issue. Republicans are doing a pretty good job of making the argument that Pres. Obama's cool factor/celebrity isn't enough to run a country, but….come on! You gotta have some kind of swagga', man…Mitt'll be going up against Putin who looks like he could bench press him while at the same time enjoying a forty of malt liquor. I bet you anything Reagan would do Putin just like he did one time to a heavy-coat-clad Mikhail Gorbachev -- walk out in below freezing weather without an overcoat and perkily comment, "Brisk, isn't it?!" Coolness counts dawg…And when you have James Lipton telling you this…well…just watch.

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