Friday, April 20, 2012

More birther baloney

I think this video raises some questions about the underlying tension that people feel concerning President Obama.  Though the birth certificate issue at this point seems pretty irrelevant, I think it is pertinent to ask if the participators in the fundraising event share some of the beliefs of the host; in this case, Donald Trump, a person who staked the entire credibility of his presidential run on proving that Obama was not born a US citizen.  Some in the video just haven't liked Obama as president and that's entirely cool. But some don't like him because his version of Christianity does not jibe with theirs, so he's not a "real" Christian.  Some feel that there's something odd about his birth certificate and want a bit further investigation.  It is my own belief that, as a nation, we cannot move forward if we cannot at least agree on the basic FACTS of any issue.  We may see read those facts differently and reach different conclusions, but the sky is not red because some focus group tends to believe what a few crazy people have told them.  The sky is blue, water is wet, and robots will take over the earth…oh wait, that's another blog.

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